The Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO & Cosmetics

Mentioned by Virgilius in his “Eneide”, other than Catullus’ favourite residence, Benacus, the modern Lake Garda, is known from centuries for its lovely climate and the rare beauty of its landscape. Water and soil make possible the cultivation of olive trees (among others) at otherwise prohibitive latitudes.


Cosmetic Products

The cosmetic line Edyllium pays homage to the Garda extra virgin olive oil PDO, using it pure, without any chemical modifications, in order to preserve all its natural cosmetic properties. The Garda extra virgin oil PDO has a fats’ structure which make it similar to the human skin’s sebum, it’s rich of vitamin E, polyphenols and carotenoids.


We reinvented packaging!

Instead of using carton box, every product is delivered in a stylish and luxurious satin clutch. Useful for storing and protect glasses, pens, watches or jewelery.


Mint body ritual: the refreshing one!

edyllium mint

Almond flowers body ritual: the relaxing one!

edyllium almond flowers

Bitter orange body ritual: just tonify!

edyllium body bitter orange

Bergamot body ritual: the energizer!

edyllium bergamot

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« Suso in Italia bella giace un laco, a piè de l’Alpe che serra Lamagna sovra Tiralli, c’ha nome Benaco. »

Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia, Inferno, Canto XX