Our best quality guarantee

An official and reliable certification standard  is very important for a natural and organic product, as it certifies full compliance with qualitative and quantitative requirements. The certificator body is also important: we have chosen to rely on the German BDIH, which has been a reference point for natural and organic certification for about 60 years. The applied standard is COSMOS ORGANIC, probably the most restrictive in the world, as it recalls criteria used for the food sector. An ingredient, to be considered organic, is checked and certified from cultivation to final use, tracing each step.

For each product we proudly indicate the percentages of natural origin and certified organic.

Not only that: the certification also takes into consideration the packaging, in order to exclude the use of non-eco-compatible materials.


Edyllium means organic cosmetics with very high performance.

The effectiveness (or technical performance) of our products is our first goal. A cosmetic must be easy and pleasant to use, and it must perform its function effectively, even if it is organic. Edyllium products, certified by Cosmos Organic, show very high performances, despite the highest percentage of natural and organic ingredients.

This goal, which is not easy to achieve, has been reached up through a long process of research, which has led to a careful selection of highest quality natural ingredients. Raw materials suppliers have also been choosen after deep-check, in order to have the guarantee of a constant top quality level.

Each product uses a synergy of organic plant principles, which enhance each other. The raw materials chosen respect the highest quality standards in organic farming available. This means respecting Mother Nature without compromise, avoiding intensive agriculture and condemning the use of pesticides and dangerous chemicals.

And Mother Nature has really repaid us!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda PDO

Our secret. A unique cosmetic ingredient.

Mentioned by Virgilius in his “Eneide”, other than Catullus’ favourite residence, Benacus, the modern Lake Garda, is known from centuries for its lovely climate and the rare beauty of its landscape.

Water and soil make possible the cultivation of olive trees (among others) at otherwise prohibitive latitudes.

Probably the Romans introduced the cultivation of olive trees, exploiting mainly the flat zones and the morainic slopes near the lake.

During the centuries the Garda Oil became part of the local agricultural tradition and has fully developed into “Olio Garda Dop”.

An absolute excellency product, protected by the “Protected Designation of Origin”, available only in limited quantities, as it has to observe high standards of quality imposed by the production registry.

The “Consorzio di Tutela del Garda Dop” grants the respect of the regulations.

Edyllium - Linea Cosmetica con Olio Extravergine di Oliva GARDA DOP

Oil & EDYLLIUM Cosmetics

The Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO: cometic properties

Edyllium - Linea Cosmetica con Olio Extravergine di Oliva GARDA DOP

The cosmetic line Edyllium pays homage to the Garda extra virgin olive oil PDO, using it pure, without any chemical modifications, in order to preserve all its natural cosmetic properties.

The Garda extra virgin oil PDO has a fats’ structure which make it similar to the human skin’s sebum, it’s rich of vitamin E, polyphenols and carotenoids. These substances are characterized by a natural antioxidant and anti-aging function, which contrast the harmful actions of free radicals.

All products of the cosmetic line Edyllium contain the Garda extra virgin olive oil PDO, utilizing it in synergy with other natural active principles, so to use their properties at best.

Edyllium is a synonymous of comfort and efficiency, also in the case of dry or
sensible skin.

The fragrances and the colours are inspired to Lake Garda’s nature,
for a complete and satisfying aromatic and chromatic sensory experience.